Sewing is
our life

"...Sew it right..."

We sew, design, advise on sewing

Nasza szwalnia to profesjonalnie wyposażony zakład szwalniczy pracujący z zawodowymi szwaczkami.

Zajmujemy się również
profesionalnym konfekcjonowaniem różnych wyrobów


Electrical and installation

"... Tension under control..."


** Selsin / Selsyn – work like a machine **

Performs with the work of their hands everything that can not perform the machine, ie .: packaged silicone products, art.biurowe and paper assembles electrical wires and provides services coil winding transformers.

Cooperating with us to support people with disabilities, are protected labor establishment.



You design? You are creating a new brand? Or maybe you're looking for better performers than the present?

Check us! We operate on the Polish market since 1954. We specialize in sewing of bed linen and tablecloths, towels, comforters, pillows, blankets on the needs of hotels, spas, B & Bs.
Upon request, we printing or embroidery company. We also various types of services sewing with our own material or entrusted.
Our customers are customers from Europe.

Selsin Sp. z o.o.

Marketing department

ul. Św. Ducha 2A, 70-491 Szczecin, Poland
tel +48 91 434 22 03, +48 91 812 49 71
NIP 852-18-35-705


Why work with us?


• support people with disabilities
• work on the best machines
• precisely we execute orders
• quick execution of orders
• professional service and care instructor
• attractive prices
• quality assurance

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